A Card-Based Dungeon Crawler

Available now on Steam, iOS, and Android!

A New Take on the Card-based Dungeon Crawler
Your deck is shuffled into the dungeon deck and dealt out into a 3x3 grid.

Acquire Items and Abilities to Slay Enemies
Use items and abilities you pick up in the dungeon to slay powerful enemies.

Play as a Diverse Cast of Heroes
Knock heads as the Mighty Bruno or strike from the shadows as Mischief. There are five different heroes to unlock, and each hero has their own unique style.

Refine your Deck with Items, Abilities, and Perks
Choose items and abilities to add to your deck after each dungeon. You'll also choose a perk - powerful passive abilities that bend the rules of the game

Join an active community of players on Discord and Reddit to discuss strategies, tips, and more

Programming and Game Design:
Eric Farraro

Evgeny Viitman

Music & Sound:
Craig Barnes

Danny Wadeson

Slothwerks is an independent game studio started by Eric Farraro, focused on small single-player card games. For more info, history & screenshots, please see the press materials.